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At Royal Leerdam we are dedicated to creating enjoyable glassware for every occasion and every moment. It's at the heart of everything we do and has been for almost 150 years. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party with friends or family or enjoying a private moment of relaxation, our fine glassware will give you the ultimate drinking pleasure.

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A true masterpiece, our newest cocktail range Royal!

Immerse yourself in the allure of the Royal range.​ The vintage design of a beautiful stem adorned with vertical lines combined with traditional cocktail shaped bowls with vertical optics lines.​ Whether it's cocktails with friends or a quiet evening, our newest cocktail range Royal redefines sophistication.​

This ranges includes a Gin & Tonic, a Margarita glass, a Martini glass, and a Coupe glass.​ While the Royal range is versatile enough for everyday use it effortlessly transforms the special moments into extraordinary occasions. ​Let the vintage charm of each glass elevate our celebrations.​

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Discover our latest development: Sweet Temptations

Indulge in the Sweet Temptations range, our newest range of dessert glasses and ice coupes.​ Perfect for everything from milkshakes to layered desserts and ice creams, our first dessert collection is
a real feast for the eyes!​

This range contains 3 shapes.​Dessert glasses that can be used for sundaes, milkshakes or as a bigger ice cream glass.​The Ice coupe with a simple conical design and the Ice coupe with a modern diamond design can be both used for ice cream, a simple dessert or even a layered dessert to show off.​ Don't these ice creams make you look forward to summer?

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