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At Royal Leerdam we are dedicated to creating enjoyable glassware for every occasion and every moment. It's at the heart of everything we do and has been for almost 150 years. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party with friends or family or enjoying a private moment of relaxation, our fine glassware will give you the ultimate drinking pleasure.

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Our favorite summer drinks!

Brighten up the party with these stylish cocktail glasses and impress your guests with homemade cocktails. The Cocktail Collection of Royal Leerdam contains an ultimate selection of classic cocktail shapes. From a classic Martini and Gin&Tonic to an exotic Blue Hawaii or trendy Spritzer, we have it all. And we keep on extending this range. New in the collection is the well known Whisky Sour. 

These Royal Leerdam glasses are a real must-have for cocktail lovers and a perfect choice for your at-home cocktail party. Which shape is your favorite?  

Our cocktail glasses

Discover our latest development: Rayo bowls!

These practical bowls are great for everything, from cereal and salads to desserts and fruit. The ridged pattern makes them extra special. It gives them a refined look and feel, and even better, it matches perfectly with the Rayo tumblers. The bowls come in 3 different sizes: Small (diameter 12 cm), Medium (diameter 22 cm) and Large (diameter 26 cm). Available in a set (4x 12cm + 1x 22cm) and for loose sales.

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