Royal Leerdam likes to solve practical problems. For example when you have planned a big party but you don’t have enough glasses for all of your guests. In that case we have the
Party at Home collection. From wine to cocktails and beer glasses, this range has everything that is needed for a party.

The Enjoy the Moment range is the solution for everyone who has different glass types and shapes in their cabinet. With the new Enjoy the Moment range this belongs to the past. We
selected seven different glass types but all with the same modern angled shape.

  • Wine - Party at Home

  • Flute - Party at Home

  • Beer - Party at Home

  • Beverage - Party at Home

  • Hi-ball - Party at Home

  • Dispenser - Party at Home

  • Gin & Tonic - Party at Home

  • Liquor - Party at Home

  • Punch Bowl - Party at Home

  • White wine - Enjoy the Moment

  • Red wine - Enjoy the Moment

  • Flute - Enjoy the Moment

  • Tumblers - Enjoy the Moment

  • Beverage - Enjoy the Moment

  • Beer - Enjoy the Moment

  • Gin & Tonic - Enjoy the Moment