A true masterpiece, our newest cocktail range Royal!​ Immerse yourself in the allure of the Royal range.​ The vintage design of a beautiful stem adorned with vertical lines combined with traditional cocktail shaped bowls with vertical optics lines.​

Whether it's cocktails with friends or a quiet evening, our newest cocktail range Royal redefines sophistication.​ This ranges includes a G&T of 65 cl, a Margarita glass of 30 cl, a Martini glass of 25 cl and a Coupe of 32 cl.​ The perfect sizes for each cocktail.​

While the Royal range is versatile enough for everyday use it effortlessly transforms the special moments into extraordinary occasions. ​Let the vintage charm of each glass elevate your celebrations.​ Packed in a box of 4 with open corner so the glass designs are visible from the shelf.​